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Our track link for excavators,the pitch from 101mm to 228mm now,and will finish to produce the 260 series.
Compatible model:
1) Komatsu: PC20,PC30,PC40, PC60-5-6-7, PC100, PC120, PC130, PC240,
PC200-1-3-5-6, PC220-1-3-5, PC300-3-5, PC300-6,PC4001-3-5, PC400-6;
2) Hitachi: EX30,EX40, EX60, EX150, EX100M, EX100, EX120, EX150,EX200-1-2-3, EX300-1-3-5, EX300-6,EX400, UH08, UH07
3) Caterpillar: E110B, E200B (E320), E240 (MS180), E300B,E325, E330;
4) Daewoo:DH55, DH220, DH280,DH320,DH400
5) Hyundai:R60,R130,R160,R200, R210,R250,R290,R320,R350,R360,R460.
6) Kato: HD250, HD400 (HD450), HD500, HD550, HD700 (HD770), HD800, HD820, HD850, DH880, HD1020, HD1220 (HD1250), HD1430, DH1880
7) Kobelco: SK07N2, SK07-7,SK100,SK200, SK220, SK300, SK320,SK330
8) Sumitomo: SH120, SH200, SH280, SH300, SH400 SH450
9) Mitsubishi: MS110, MS120, MS180
10) Samsung: SE55, SE210
Packing: Pallet.

Our track link for bulldozers,the pitch from 135mm to 228mm.
We have two styles of track link for bulldozers::
One is dry style,the another one is lubricated style.
Compatible models:
1) Komatsu: D20, D30, D31, D41,D50, D60, D75, D80 (D85), D155
2) Caterpillar: D3C, D5, D5B, D5D, D6C, D6D, D6H, D7G, D8K,D9N

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